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Ambil Ocaina
Ambil Ocaina Syrup

Ambil - Ocaina 20g

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Note: Each jar contains 20g of ambil. Product image shows consistency.

Made from wild rainforest mapacho from the LaChorrera-Amazonas region of Colombia and vegetable salts from the amazonian plants. This medicine is used by some Amazon tribes for its healing qualities. It's said to clear the mind and sharpen the perception, which leads a person to golden thinking as told by the Elders. It represents the universal cosmic masculine energy. This purified thinking gives a positive direction in life. Ambil also cleans the physical body and provides spiritual protection. Ambil Ocaina is a stronger, saltier ambil and should be used carefully.

Ambil can be used externally and internally:
External use: using a small stick or a splinter made from wood, metal or plastic, apply a small dose of Ambil onto wounds, mosquito bites, stains on the skin and infections on the lips.
Internal use: using a small stick or a splinter made from wood, metal or plastic, form a ball of Ambil the size of a lentil and place it behind the lower front incisors, where it will melt on its own. 

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