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Passionate Warrior Coração 15g
Passionate Warrior Coração 15g
Passionate Warrior Coração rapé
Passionate Warrior Coração Sacred Snuff

Passionate Warrior Coração 15g

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Created by Passionate Warrior, Coração, shamanic snuff. Pronounced "curasau", means heart. Made with Canela de Velho (Miconia Albicans) from Brazil. Also known as Caneleiro, this beautiful rapé opens the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakra and connects you to the energy of the spirit. Spiritual and healing rapé. Some of its benefits are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial, and antiulcerogenic (prevention of gastric ulcers). Blended with fresh, strong Nawa mint to awaken the mind and clear the sinuses.

15 gram glass bottle.

For more information on Passionate Warrior, please visit www.thepassionatewarriors.com.

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