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Sacred Snuff Ambil Witoto Tribe
Sacred Snuff Ambil Witoto Tribe Syrup
Sacred Snuff Ambil Witoto Tribe Paste
Sacred Snuff Ambil Paste Very Strong


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Ambil is a pure paste, syrup, jelly or jam. It is a very strong, intense, and powerful sacred medicine.

Due to scarcity of this medicine, we are limiting to one jar per order for now. Thank you!

Each pot weighs approximately 55 grams and is handmade by indigenous Witoto people, so tend to vary slightly in weight. 

The taste, consistency, strength, and texture may also vary with each batch, which is normal with indigenous tribes. They make medicines slightly different with every batch, depending upon availability of ingredients, season, climate and humidity.

Ambil is placed in the mouth by dipping a finger or removing a small amount with a spatula or finger nail and rubbing it on the teeth, gums, or tongue. It is advised not to swallow the ambil; simply let it dissolve in your mouth as you process with it. You can take ambil just before your rapé session or other medicine ceremonies in your gums - it’ll make everything much stronger. It grounds, cleanses, clears your thoughts, opens your heart and throat chakras, and connects you to Spirit with a very masculine energy.

Some people have reported using Ambil before bed to encourage and deepen lucid dreaming states.

Distribution in South America is generally limited. It is found among tribes of the northern end of the Andes in Colombia and Venezuela, and some parts of the north-west Amazon.

Storage: For best storage conditions, please keep in an airtight container and away from bright, sunny conditions.

Witoto Tribe Amazon Brazil

The Witoto people (also Huitoto) are an indigenous people in south-eastern Colombia and northern Peru. Current population is approximately 8,500 people.

The Witoto people were once composed of one hundred villages or 31 tribes, but disease and conflict has reduced their numbers. Until the early 20th century, Witoto population was 50,000. The rubber boom in the mid-20th century brought diseases and displacement to the Witotos, causing their numbers to plummet to 7,000-10,000.
Since the 1990s, cattle ranchers have invaded Witoto lands - depleting the soil and polluting waterways. In response, Colombia has established several reservations for Witotos.

Witoto peoples all practiced swidden or slash-and-burn agriculture. To prevent depleting the land, they relocate their fields every few yields. Major crops include cacao, coca, maize, bitter and sweet manioc, bananas, mangoes, palms, peanuts, pineapples, plantains, sugar cane, sweet potatoes, tobacco, and yams. Ethnobotanists have studied Witoto agriculture due to its efficiency and sustainability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jack Sparrow
Cost is less than $15 in Colombia

If you buy one jar. I imagine this company receives a hefty discount purchasing in bulk. Even with export fees and shipping by boat it's less than $20 to their door. Thank you for the business idea


Y’all really trying to make a buck off white people. It’s definitely not that price, especially in the jungle. But scammers are everywhere so. Tread carefully 💯💯‼️

In the spirit of transparency (because misinformation is everywhere also): after all fees, we make about $$13-14 per jar. We aren't providing this to keep the lights on. I don't believe you have a purchase history with us but, if you did, you'd know that we've sourced some of the highest quality ambil - because, yes, there is a lot of sub-par quality out there, and people are being taken advantage of with the general popularity of these types of medicines/tools. So we pay a high price, and have to charge a higher price, in order to provide higher quality. That's why our limited stock of this sells out within a day or two. You'll rename yourself from 'Sad' to 'Happy' if you get to try it next time!


Power Medicine

Very powerful medicine, the amount of effort and patience that goes into the quality of the what is offered from sacred snuff is hard to find anywhere else. If you want to grow closer to spirit and continue to stay centered I would highly recommend ordering a couple of these.

Enhance Your Meditation

This is great for deeper meditations and connection to spirit. I use this when I need to be grounded and it is always effective. I’ve tried a few different ambils and this is the strongest in my opinion.


This is the best ambil on the market. Helped me quit a 20 year chewing habit. Would highly recommend.