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Sananga is an indigenous eye drop, offered in 5ml bottles of "strong" and "soft" variations. Note: This batch of strong is VERY strong! Soft is for daily use and for people treating a chronic issue. Strong is for ceremonial use and deep prayer. Please store these in the refrigerator to ensure optimal freshness.

Indigenous people use Sananga for the purpose of curing panema, a type of "bad luck", "disgrace", "unhappiness", or "inability". However, the Indians also use Sananga to cure bacterial eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis, stye, redness, and eye irritations. Long term usage may cure and prevent cataracts.

Sananga juice has a grayish-brown coloration and a stale smell. When dropped into the eye (one or two drops), it burns for about three minutes, as if pepper juice gets into the eye, followed by a sensation of lightness and ocular smoothness. During the ardor caused by Sananga, the person feels that the region of the forehead, where the pineal gland is located, is being stirred energetically, causing phlegm and headaches to be promptly eliminated. Phlegm such as rhinitis and sinusitis are automatically eliminated with Sananga during application. When the person opens their eyes he perceives the world more colorful and alive, just as he focuses the images of the material world with more precision and clarity.

The Sananga does not physically correct the problems of the eye, but it repairs energetically those diseases, since we understand that all disease is psychosomatic, being born first in the feelings of the
individual and after influencing the energetic layer of the organ in question, manifests itself densely in the material body. Thus, when applied, Sananga dilutes thought forms and negative and disharmonious energies that envelopes the energetic body of the eye and heals energetically diseases of the eye such as: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, amblyopia, apatite, dry eye, photophobia and prevents against cataract , glaucoma, presbyopia, and keratoconus. In addition, it opens the energetic channels of the human being to the Interior, Exterior and Superior Vision. From the region of the head descends a subtle and favorable energy to keep the chakras open, expands the aura and keeps the person centered and balanced emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

For shamans, panema is an agglomeration of disqualified energies that are present in the person's energetic body, accumulated through a sedentary, negative life and watered with habits and thoughts detrimental to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, weighing the individual's energetic body, leaving him apathetic, discouraged, sad, depressed, stressed and physically heavy, making it impossible for the person to succeed in relationships, work, and goals of life as a whole. Through the Sananga this negative energy charge is automatically eliminated, it is as if the person undergoes an energy shock treatment, subtly, feeling light, lively, capable and invigorated after the application.
It is recommended for all people, sex and age. The sooner the person receives the Sananga, the less ocular and vision problems.

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