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Sacred Snuff Ambil Strong Small Jar

Ambil - Strong (Small)

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NOTE: These are smaller jars than previous ambil, total ambil weight is 8g-10g (compared to 50g-65g), and ambil is considered strong.



It is one of the different conscious ways of consuming tobacco. Indigenous people in South America consume tobacco in many ways: orally, via the respiratory tract, percutaneously, by chewing or drinking it, soaked in the mouth, in powder, in offerings, in requests through its smoke, in different treatments applied on the skin or also in liquid form for the eyes.

Ambil is a cream made from tobacco and, in some cases, mixed with salts extracted from other plants that are added to balance its power and taste. Like most Amazonian medicines, it is a bitter-sweet tool.
Bitterness is perceived in its aspect, smell and taste. It allows us to feel what many human beings do not want to feel. THE BITTERNESS OF LIFE.
Sweetness is experienced after the reconciliation process with the former and with the surge of benefits that Ambil produces in our daily lives. Ambil alone also realigns our chakras, grounds us emotionally, and encourages positive, insightful conversation. 

- It treats anxiety (specific treatment) - Emetic
- Antibacterial - Antiseptic
- Maintenance of energy - Mental clarity
- Empowerment of male energy - Wound healer
- Strengthens resolve to quit smoking (specific treatment)

Ambil can be used externally and internally:
External use: using a small stick or a splinter made from wood, metal or plastic, apply a small dose of Ambil onto wounds, mosquito bites, stains on the skin and infections on the lips.
Internal use: using a small stick or a splinter made from wood, metal or plastic, form a ball of Ambil the size of a lentil and place it behind the lower front incisors, where it will melt on its own. 

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