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Kuntanawa Veia de Pajé

Kuntanawa Veia de Pajé

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Sacred Snuff Fill Lines

Kuntanawa Veia de Pajé is made with sapati ashes, mapacho and paje's vein, an Amazonian vine (the plant is referred to as the Heart of the Boa Constrictor, or Little Boa, or Shaman's vein). The leaves are heart shaped and connect with the Boa heart. Rapé that helps unlock and heal the shadow. As the Jiboya serpent
is a great teacher of the plant medicine world, the boa constrictor or Jiboya specifically awakens to these realms of healing.

Very powerful and magical blend. For use, it is very important to be mindful of one's intention or purpose in receiving the medicine, because it acts like an energetic attractor. It endeavors to bring good luck, strength and blessings when used appropriately.

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