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Sacred Snuff Visionary Rapé
Sacred Snuff Visionary Rapé


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Sacred rapé used for journeying. A magical and visionary blend combined with various sacred plants, leaves and ashes. It contains small amounts of powdered wilka seeds and chacruna leaves.

Used for longer and profound journeying, opening-up visions and your third eye, activating the pineal gland, and connecting with Spirit.

Lovingly, powerfully and uniquely made by the Shamanic Snuff Team in Peru.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The best

Best blend I have tried on here so far... as a novice, it's been the most helpful in my journey.


I’ve been doing sacred space journeying for about a year now without any kind of aid other than a shamanic drum app. One use of this blend took me deeper and clearer in my journeying than I’ve ever been. I received clarity and visual insight beyond my highest expectations. Beautiful blend. Beautiful experience. 10/10 Exquisite!

"Visionary"-Perfect name!

I am a healer, teacher, and seeker. I used Visionary (ceremonially) for both myself and the client during an energy work and body work session. For myself, the experience was incredible. I could "see" with my Third Eye where to put my hands to stimulate the movement of lymph fluid, exactly where and how to manipulate muscles for maximum benefit. It was as though I could "see" into the client's physical body.
The client reported having a journeying experience and was able to see and feel energetic blockages in need of being released. The client stated feeling "light, grounded, calm and very at peace" after the session. Extraordinary experience. I would highly recommend this blend.